About Us

Our Team

Paramount is managed by Sukhadia brothers, who are all individually as passionate about Paramount as they are about the lives they lead. There are many in the next generation who may in due course come to assist the team of six and further the Sukhadia legacy. The company hierarchy is managed in such a way that each department like; Pre-press, Press and Post-press is supervised by skilled individuals.

The brothers comprise an energetic team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced individuals. They are a true testament to the power of familial bond. Each one contributes a vital role in taking the company towards setting new and challenging goals.

Directors and Key Personnel

'Most of the time, people will not applaud when you take risks. You have to turn a blind eye to that & stay with your gut instinct. Take chances & there will be huge rewards because of the breakthrough you get'.

Divyesh Sukhadia Chairman & Managing Director

'A leader should have innovations in his brain, compassion in his heart and passion in his belly'.

Dharmesh Sukhadia Director : Marketing & Technical

'Today, even with the best product you will fail if you don't have good marketing. At the same time, the best marketing whiz kids in the world can't sell an inferior product'.

Vipul Sukhadia C.E.O

'Ordinary people can bring in extraordinary results with just a little bit of help from you'.

Vanraj Sukhadia CFO

'Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success'.

Ms. Tanu Singh Company Secretary and Compliance Officer