The Process of Playing Jhandi Munda Online Game

The Process of Playing Jhandi Munda Online Game

Online Jhandi Munda is a dice Indian game that punters love. The main instrument in this game is a set of dice. There are six sides to each one of them. In this game, the dice are not numbered like in normal cases. Instead, it contains clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, faces and flags. If you want to enjoy Jhandi Munda play, this article is for you.

The good thing is that you can play it for cash. It is most common in the North-Eastern part of India because it started there. You will need six symbols and dice each to play this game. You will play it by betting on the symbol most often within a single roll.

This game has become very famous on the internet. You can play Jhandi Munda for real money online. If you play it at an online casino, it is called Crown and Anchor. In some instances, anchors and crowns may appear in place of dice.

The symbols are black or red and differ from one Jhandi Munda game to the next. This review will examine how to play Jhandi Munda card game. Let’s do this!

Casinos to Play Online Jhandi Munda Game

The Jhandi Munda game is among the popular online platform in the Indian betting markets. Most people love this street game because it’s easy to learn and understand. It also has an easy interface in most of the casinos that offers it. The following are some of the few casinos and their respective bonuses.

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The Purpose of this Game

Initially, the Jhandi Munda online game sounds difficult, but this is not the case. It is a straightforward game to understand, like most games of chances. Be on the lookout for the symbol that frequently appears on the dice. It is where you will place your bets.

What determines your win is how often your favourite symbol appears face-up. The good thing is that each of these dice has its Hindi special name. It is what you ought to know; In this game, Jhandi means flags, while spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs are known as Hukum, Eent, Paan and Chiri (Chiriya), respectively.

We also have Crowns (Mukut, Burja or Munda) and Anchors (Langur). Hot symbols refer to the symbols that frequently appear, while cold ones are those that do not. First, you must place a bet which contains the results of every roll on the dice. Always bet on a symbol that might land face-up. The Jhandi Munda card game rules are as follows;

Know the game; As much as Jhandi Munda casino game rules are there, it is important to understand every detail of this game. Understand what the symbols start for, especially if you play with real money. Knowing and understanding this game is a Jhandi Munda winning strategy.

Know the variations: This is a good strategy to follow when playing online. Playing online offers additional betting alternatives and variations of this game. Take your time at an online Jhandi Munda table and understand the stakes that are available in it. Before playing this game, you should also understand the available type of game.

Don’t play patterns; At all times, avoid playing patterns. It is because the result of the next roll might have the same as the past one. Do not assume that the heart symbol will appear in the next roll just like it did in the previous one. Cold and hot symbols are what you will see when you are playing online. The casino will show them for the past 10, 50 or 100 rolls.

Use solid money management; this is another Jhandi Munda casino game rule. Have a particular bankroll for this game, and do not exceed it. Do not gamble with what you cannot afford to lose. Do not bet more on rolls or chase losses. It is known as hedging bets and a way of draining your bankroll.

Study past trends and place bets accordinglythis is another card game rule. Before placing any bets, you must study past bets. It is a mathematical way of approaching this game. The good thing with this approach is that there is a high possibility of winning this game. However, this mathematical approach makes it impossible to predict the results.

Before playing, determine your budget; in every gambling game, it is important to develop a budget. You do not want to gamble more than you can afford. The consequences of irresponsible gambling are very painful. Before starting to play this game, it is important to know the amount of money that should be kept in the bankroll. 

It will assist you in betting responsibly and prevent you from spending more than you had budgeted. It is good to stick to your budget because this game’s results depend on factors beyond you. Additionally, come up with a timetable for playing this game. These games can be addictive if you do not play them with caution.

Know your risk appetite; once you come up with a budget, it is important to set a limit stating the amount of money you are willing to lose. Always stick to your risk appetite and do not chase your losses. It is important to take a break whenever there is a need to do so. Develop a timetable of when to take these breaks and adhere to them.

Understand when to quitJhanda Munda is not an exception for wins and losses like any gambling game. You may win a couple of games at one time and lose the next day. Winning and losing is the nature of gambling games.

Whether you are losing or winning, it is important to know when to quit. Have a schedule of the amount you can win in a day and when to quit playing once you have achieved this.

Cash-out; when doing well in Jhandi Munda games, always withdraw your winnings and enjoy your money. Cash-out every profit that you have made from playing this game.

Steps to follow when playing Jhandi Munda

Like in every game, there must be rules and regulations governing it. The Jhandi Munda game is not an exception. To play out in this game, you have to follow these Jhandi Munda rules;

  • You increase your winning chances if the selected symbol appears faced-up
  • You lose your bets if your symbol is not appearing
  • The dealer or host is responsible for throwing all six of the dices
  • Place your bet on the symbol that you think will land face-up on the dice
  • You may lose your bet if you get one symbol right. Note that this is only applicable in some online casinos.

With these basic rules, playing Jhandi Munda games is relatively easy. But always remember that this game depends on luck and nothing more. There is no definite formula for winning this game.

It requires zero skills to play and a lot of guesswork. With this information on how to play Jhandi Munda game, next, we highlight the available prizes and their respective payouts.

The Prizes, Winnings and Payouts in the Jhandi Munda Game

Most of these online casino games’ ultimate goal is prizes, winnings and payouts. Some players take home a price if they can predict a single symbol correctly. While in other you have to predict more than one symbol to win a prize. The following is what a paytable for this game should look like;

Symbol/ Jhandi Initial Bet Back Plus
1 1x what you wagered
2 2x what you wagered
3 3x what you wagered
4 4x what you wagered
5 5x what you wagered
6 6x what you wagered

For instance, let us take a scenario of a game being played now. This is what it will look like;

  • A player wagers 100 with the hope that a diamond will appear many times on the dice
  • After they are thrown, three diamonds emerge on the dice
  • The player will take home 100 stake back and 300 profit (3x their stake)

Statisticians and mathematicians have a model in place for the Jhandi Munda game. According to them, this Indian game contains a house edge of 2.86% and a return to player rate of 97.14%.  

There is a high probability of winning, which assists with the game’s appeal. If you are playing this game online, you should expect similar RTP volatility and rates in this game.

Playing Jhandi Munda with Real Money and Bets

You can play Jhandi Mundi real money online and the land-based casinos at different stakes. It is upon you which stakes you will use to play this game for real money. Ensure that you look out for licensed casinos when playing this game with real money. You do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

A good number of online casino operators and avenues offer the Jhandi Mundi game. The online casino enables punters to register with their email ids, and they can begin playing Jhandi Munda too.

In most online casinos, players have the liberty to change their betting volumes and sizes too. Players are also allowed to schedule their gameplay. One of the major benefits of online casinos is that you can use INR currency in your deposit and withdrawal transactions. Most Indian casinos offer the following payment methods, including Jhandi Munda games;

Wire transfer; is a safe method of transferring your bank account money to a casino account. There is limited fraud in wire transactions. Once your bank account is confirmed, your money is guaranteed and secure. Wire transfers are in different names. Some use bank transfers or electric funds transfers.

eCheck; allow you to make secure and trusted deposits right from your bank account. They are similar to paying bills online. Type in your routing numbers into your account for verification purposes. It will assist you in keeping track of verified payments. 

Credit cards; are quite famous among Indian online casino players. Most players use their MasterCard or Visa in line with their account. Therefore, using it with the credit card option to pay for online casino games is easy.

Cryptocurrency; is one of the well-known payment methods in the digital world. Most of the casinos in India are using it. A classic example of cryptocurrency is bitcoins. You can make payments via bitcoins since it is safe and fast and has a safe and secure protocol.

Once you win real money in this game, withdrawing it is not a difficult task. There are many withdrawal methods for Indian punters, including Paytm, Bitcoins, Net Banking, Skrill, Much Better, etc. You should have the following items at hand before withdrawing any money;

  • A valid ID or passport
  • A credit card that has been scanned on both sides
  • A service invoice with your address and name on it
  • For verification purposes, access to your account is needed

Withdrawing money is a straightforward process. Once you decide on which withdrawal method you will use, proceed and do the following;

Sign in to your casino account; use your username and password to log into your online casino account. Near the top menu, you will find the log-in button.

Head to the cashier section; after successfully signing in, go to the cashier option, where all your banking information is found. 

Select the “payout” or “withdrawal” button; you will find it where you first made your deposit. Each casino account has different withdrawal methods. You will access the transaction fees and times for each.

After you select one, the casino will give you more information and instructions they require from you to process the request. For example, if you choose bitcoins, you will provide a crypto-wallet address where your money should go.

Indicate the money you want to withdraw; once you select a withdrawal method, enter the amount you would love to withdraw from your casino account. Understand the terms and conditions for every payout option. It will help you in knowing when to expect your money.

Enjoy your money; the casino will process your withdrawal request after verifying your personal information. The time in receiving your winnings will depend on your withdrawal method. For instance, bitcoin takes 24-48 hours, while bank wire or e-check 5-7 days.

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